Moonlight Astrology Testimonials




Sara B. - Boca Raton, FL

Working with Deniz was incredible. I found her website online and the information there was extremely thorough, but simple enough to understand and not feel overwhelmed. I really valued feeling like I understand exactly what I was getting with her. The process to sign up for my chart reading was easy and Deniz was amazingly accommodating. The reading was even more incredible. Deniz definitely gave me a huge value for what I paid. She drew up a 20+ page report for me, knew all the nuances of my natal chart and sat there for at LEAST 30 minutes discussing it all. Not only did Deniz give me an incredible reading, she had recommendations for me in terms of crystals to purchase and things to be aware of/look for. After the reading, Deniz offered for myself and my friend to email her with any follow up questions. I never felt rushed or like she was just doing the bare minimum. I will definitely be back.


Your reading really shined a light and gave my husband a different perspective and some things to really look forward to. He has been so much happier ever since. I can't wait to get a reading with you!

Rackey L. - Davie, FL

Deniz is an exceptional astrologer. Her unique ability to read and interpret the stars impresses anyone. She brings forth a perspective that many may find to be informative, helpful, insightful, and cathartic. I highly recommend a reading by this very talented and beautiful soul.

Theresa D. - WESTBURY, NY

Absolutely loved my natal chart reading with Deniz! I recommend her to anyone who is looking to find Out more about themselves and the steps they can take to finding their path to a successful life. Deniz was kind, compassionate, and wonderful to talk to. she has a true gift, and thanks to her I have a better understanding of what steps I can take in my life to improve my overall happiness and achievement. Deniz also does customized jewelry, I ordered a bracelet which is absolutely beautiful, great quality and I am always getting tons of compliments on it. Definitely go with moonlight astrology if you are looking for an honest and accurate reading, I could not have been more happy with mine!

Zisan M. - Netherlands

I discovered Moonlight Astrology on instagram. Really interesting & informative. Deniz is so kind to answer your questions. I would highly recommend to have a reading with her. It’s very insightful and informative, especially an astrology reading. She is so kind and patiently takes her time to answer your questions. Thank you so much dear!

Justin S. - West Palm Beach, FL

She really knows her stuff. I came in the room, not knowing what to expect. I left enlightened, happy and armed with a self awareness I hadn't had before. Thanks Moonlight Astrology. I'll definitely have a follow up reading soon.

Jessica c. - chino, californiA

Deniz was a guest on my podcast called Hey Girlfriend. She is an amazing astrologer and gave mini natal readings for my listeners and she was so amazingly  accurate!! She speaks so kindly and really taps into people's energy. She gave great guidance and reassurance, my listeners and I felt at ease with her. I would definitely recommend her services if you need reassurance, guidance or comfort. She is the absolute best!